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Frequently Asked Questions

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My land is a constraint land with high salinity, I would like to know whether I could avail any subsidy for saline reclamation?
Yes, there is scheme for Saline and Alkaline Land Reclamation. This scheme, aims at reclaiming problem lands in 8 districts, which are having large extent of problem areas and thereby to increase productivity of soil. A subsidy of 50% for the supply of input like gypsum and zinc-sulphate is given to the farmers. Moreover a 100% subsidy for providing drainage facility subject to the maximum of Rs.1000/Acre are also given to the farmers.
I came to know that micronutrient is more essential for crop production. Can I get micronutrient mixture at subsidised rate?
Yes, The Micro Nutrient Mixtures are produced by the Department at Kudumianmalai in Pudukkottai district and distributed by extension functionaries through 880 Agricultural Extension Centres. Annually 1250 MTs of Micronutrient Mixtures are distributed. The subsidised rate of different mixture is as follows Crops Rate (Rs/kg) Rice 15.70 Groundnut 31.40 Coconut 34.40 Cotton 46.60 Pulses 66.00 Sugarcane 18.90 Small millets 30.20
What are the benefits of green manure? Can I get green manure seeds at subsidised rate?
To build up the soil health, micro organism and water holding capacity, the Green Manure Seeds are produced and distributed at 25% subsidy. It also fixes atmospheric nitrogen in the soil through root nodules.
Biofertilizers were sold at higher price in private agro centres. Can I get biofertilizers at subsidised rate?
Biofertilizers were issued at your nearby KME office at subsidised rate. Azospirillum and Phosphobacteria weighing about 200 g are issued at subsidised rate of Rs.6.
I like to compost my farm waste, but I am unaware of the composting technology. Is there any training conducted related composting technology?
To popularise the technology of vermi composting 100 demonstrations are being laid in the State. 5000 farmers are being trained by giving one day training at 50 farmers per center. An allowance of Rs. 50/ head is paid to the participant. The scheme is being implemented in all the districts in the State except Nilgiris
Can I get the guidance and inputs for composting?
The farmers are being supplied with one kg of pluerotus and 5 kgs of urea along with a literature at a cost of Rs.140 per kit. Each kit worth Rs.140/- is being supplied to 2,000 farmers at a cost of Rs.2.80 lakhs. The production of compost by use of this kit will be done under the technical supervision of the extension staff.
I like to know the nutrient status of my land and hence I like to test my soil. What is the charge for per sample?
N,P,K analysis – Rs.5 Micronutrient analysis – Rs.5

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