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Helping agriculture and food companies and organizations navigate disruptive trends and technologies, including shaping the broader food system

We provide Value chain management services in digitization, communication and integration; Smart weighing scale solutions and farmer wallets for visa cards and Umoja switch networks.

Our Priorities


The Team at KME offer technical support and consultancy to organizations and clients on

Farmer Organizational Capacity Building

KME is involved in strengthening the ability of farmers’ organizations to operate effectively and achieve their goals. We partner with various organizations and other community-based groups to support smallholder farmers to improve their livelihoods, access markets, and advocate for their rights.

Farmer technical capacity Building

Kilimo Maendeleo equips farmers with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to improve their productivity, efficiency, and profitability in agriculture. We do achieve this through various methods such as training programs, workshops, seminars, and field demonstrations.

Financial inclusion and Literacy

Kilimo Maendeleo helps farmers with access to financial services and the knowledge to use them effectively, financial inclusion and literacy can help farmers increase their incomes, build their assets, and improve their overall economic well-being.

Rural Investments

KME has found that financial linkages between rural microfinance institutions and formal financial institutions expand rural household access to a broad array of financial services, not just credit. investing in agriculture in rural areas can help create jobs, increase food security, and improve the economic prospects of rural communities.

First Mile aggregation Models

KME is also involved in collecting, consolidating and transporting crops from the farm to a central location where they can be further processed, stored or distributed. KME helps improve efficiency and profitability for farmers by reducing wastage and increasing the value of their produce.

Last Mile Distribution Model

KME helps in to bridging the gap between smallholder farmers and end consumers by providing efficient and affordable distribution channels for agricultural products. These last mile distribution models helps smallholder farmers overcome the challenges of getting their products to market, while also ensuring that consumers have access to fresh and affordable produce.

Value chain Management

Value chain management (VCM) is an important concept in agriculture that involves managing all aspects of the production process from the farm to the consumer, with the aim of maximizing value at each stage of the chain. KME focuses on increasing productivity, reducing costs, and improving the quality of agricultural products. By focusing on the entire value chain, rather than just one aspect of production.


We create sustainable change for clients by combining proprietary tools and techniques with unmatched industry knowledge. modernizing and improving agricultural practices to increase productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. This transformation is driven by the need to meet the increasing demand for food, fiber, and bioenergy, while also addressing the challenges of climate change, resource depletion, and environmental degradation.

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